76 Stoke Newington Road
N16 7XB
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Dalston Kingsland
Dalston Junction
Rectory Road

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67, 76, 149, 243


Wed-Thur : 6pm-11pm
Friday : 6pm-2am
Saturday : 12pm-2am
Sun-Mon : Closed

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Daniel Carrillo aka Chef Corrochio,  was born and raised in the great city of Guadalajara in Mexico. At 19 years old he studied Hotel Management and International Gastronomy at UVM University (Universidad del Valle de Mexico) which at that moment was part of Glion Switzerland. As part of his studies, he was required to intern in several hotels in the south of Mexico-  Yucatan to be more specific – where he learned about local cooking techniques. After some years of travelling and working through Mexico’s kitchens, he parted to the UK with a new focus in “mixology”.

Trained in London by cocktail legend Ben Reed for Barworks’ 5cc, Daniel discovered that making cocktails and making food goes hand in hand. After 5 years of working in Shoreditch’s busy nightlife, he moved on to run the iconic Ruby’s Cocktail Lounge in Dalston for 2 years.

Then Covid came…

In July 2020 he rediscovered his love for cooking when he opened the kitchen at The Bluecoats Pub in Tottenham, serving a Mexican-American inspired menu.

It is the same craft and passion for both the cocktail industry and food that made Daniel start Corrochio’s along with his wife Amy McQuarrie. They now run the venue together. Daniel as Chef Patron and Amy as General Manager.

Our goal at Corrochio’s Dalston is to deliver a light-hearted dining experience with outstanding food and drink offering highlighting all the best that Mexico has to offer. Constantly bringing new dishes from different regions of Mexico, paired with equally great cocktails.

Provecho and salud!

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