• Aspirins (Mini Sopes) £6

A canape made from masa (corn doe) with beans, lettuce and salsa. The main filling can be chicken, beef, cactus or feta. Inspired by the Cafiaspirinas from the iconic cenaduria Los Merequetengues in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.
Serving size – 4 pieces

  • Mini Taquitos £6

10 cm corn tortilla wrapped and deep-fried with a filling option of chicken or feta cheese. Served as a sharing platter with cream and 2 different salsas to dip: red and gualsa*.
Serving size – 3 pieces

  • Guac & Black Cream £6pp

A creamy soup half black beans and half avocado. Accompanied by crispy tortilla juliennes.

  • Aguachile £10

Prawns cooked in lime juice on a bed of cucumber, red onions, mango and a green sauce. Served cold with tostadas (Mexican papadums) and salted crackers.
Serving size – 2-3 portions

  • Ceviche £10

Fish or prawn cubes cooked in lime juice and vegetables on top of a tostada (Mexican papadums) and avocado. Comes with chilli oil.
Serving size – 2-3 tostadas

  • Ceviche Primavera £11

Prawn and octopus in a fresh mix of orange juice, cucumber, mint and coriander. Comes with chilli oil. Serving size –  2-3 tostadas

  • Prawn Tacos £9

Fried tacos with a prawn filling. Served with 3 toppings: Pico de Gallo, red salsa and pickled onions.
Serving size – 2 tacos

Signature Tacos

Our unique creations are more filling and elaborate.

  • XO Taco £9
    Our signature dish is slow-cooked pork belly on XO aioli, drunken sauce and pan-fried with panko. Topped with its own crackling and pickled ginger. Insta
  • BajaFish £6
    Beer battered tilapia fish on a bed of Mexican slaw. Topped with chipotle mayo and fresh oregano. Insta
  • The Bald Pig £8
    Confit pork on a handmade black flour tortilla and guac with a top of chicharron. Named after the black hairless creole pig from Yucatan. Each accompanied with a stuffed Jalapeño pepper.  insta

Street Tacos & Quesadillas

10cm corn or flour tortilla with 3 different sauces from hot to mild. Chopped coriander, onions, limes, radishes and everything to complement each meat for an authentic street taco experience. Prices per order and depending on group size. Prices per order and depending on group size.

  • Asada – 
  • Lengua –
  • Pastor – 
  • Adobada –
  • Chuleta –
  • Cabreria – 
  • Birria –
  • Barbacoa –
  • Tacos Planchados –
  • Taquiza (tacos de cazuela) £30pp

A spread of 4 different taco fillings for you to choose from and make your own tacos. Served with warm corn tortillas, 3 salsas and toppings such as chopped onions, coriander, fresh radishes and baked onions.

Filling options*:

Ropa Vieja (pulled beef brisket with peppers)
Ropa Vieja with cactus (an original recipe, recommended)
Cheesy cactus
Cheesy refried Beans
Potatoes w/ Chorizo
Tinga (red pulled chicken)
Picadillo (mince beef & vegetables)
Carnitas (diced fried pork)
Chicharron in green salsa
Liver with onions
Refried Beans

*Open to special requests

  •  Chicken Mole £15

Mole is a sweet-savoury sauce made from ground seeds and cocoa. Served with red rice and black beans. Topped with pickled onions.

We specialise in white mole or Mole de Novia (bridesmaid mole). However we can cater any mole; black, green, poblano, almendrado (almonds, we recommend this one), de olla, ranchero etc…

  • Diabla Prawns £15

An iconic coastal dish made with an old family recipe guaranteed to take you to a hammock by the ocean.

  • Prawn or octopus Coctel £16

A soupy mix of seafood and vegetables served up in a goblet. Accompanied by salty crackers. *Octopus subject to local availability

  •  BIRRIA  £15 *House Speciality*

Slow-cooked beef shin stew. Served with freshly made corn or flour tortillas.

  •  Barbacoa  £15

8hr oven cooked lamb in a bath of citrus and spices. Pulled and served with a special selection of sauces with a side of its own broth. Got a big garden? ask for the Barbacoa experience. We dig a pit in your garden and cook it in it overnight. Then we pull it out in front of your guests and serve. A truly unique experience.

  • Enchiladas £15

Corn enchiladas filled with either chicken or feta cheese. Served with red rice and refried beans. Choose from green, red, poblanas (green with poblano ppepers) or el grullo (open enchiladas with guajillo salsa)
Serving size – 3 pieces

  • Carne Asada £60pp

The ultimate barbecue experience. We will cook on your bbq thinly sliced beef, onions and chorizo. Presented for self-serving with 3 sides and 3 salsas. 

Sides: Charros Beans, Guacamole, Red Rice.
Salsas: Red, Green, Pico de Gallo.

  • Coconut Flan £6
  • Jericallas £6
  • Tequila flamed plantain with ice cream £8
  • Vanilla Ice cream with homemade Hibiscus Jam and bisquet £7

  • Corn in a cob.  £4

Served on a wooden stick sprinkled with cream and feta cheese.

  • Prawn Caldo £5

A spicy amuse-bouche soup served with salty crackers and a piece of lime

  • Churritos £8

A traditional snack commonly given in bars. It’s flour-based, fried and served with Valentina sauce lime and salt. Mexican crisps if you will.
Serving size – price per plate for approx 3ppl

Executive Chef Daniel Corrochio has worked for years in the cocktail industry. First trained by cocktail legend Ben Reed for 5CC in Shoreditch and then running the iconic Ruby’s in Dalston. Meaning our cocktails are not just a random addition to our service but an equal part of the experience.

Signature Cocktails £13

  • Corn ‘N’ Toil – Tequila reposado, fresh corn, agave, lemon.
  • El Chiquihuite – Mezcal, fresh corn, agave lemon (straight up)
  • Corrochio’s Mezcalita – Hibiscus caramel base, Mezcal, Jalapeño, pineapple view on instagram
  • Ancho Carajillo – Licor 43, espresso, ancho infused Tequila, burnt cinnamon.
  • Condesa – Abasolo Mexican whiskey, Nixta corn liqueur, coffee liqueur, bitters, orange.

Cocktails £10

  • Tequila Sour
  • Mezcal Collins
  • Smoked Mezcal Negroni 
  • Tommy’s Margarita
  • Classic Mezcalita
  • Paloma
  • Other classics on request
  • Classic Carajillo

We know you don’t always want strangers in your kitchen. That is why we prepared a pre-cooked menu for you to finish in your oven. Never frozen, made the same day. Starting at 4 people. 

Enchiladas are corn tortillas wrapped and filled with pulled chicken or feta then covered with green sauce and cheese.


Green Enchiladas for 4 – £80

– 16 enchiladas
– Red rice for 4
– Refried Beans for 4
– 4 individual jericallas

Green Enchiladas for 6 – £100

– 24 enchiladas
– Red Rice 6
– Refried beans for 6
– 6 individual jericallas

Green Enchiladas for 8 – £130

– 32 enchiladas
– Red Rice 6
– Refried beans for 6
– 6 individual jericallas

Green Enchiladas for 10 – £160

– 40 enchiladas
– Red Rice 6
– Refried beans for 6
– 6 individual jericallas

AGUACHILE – served with plenty of tostadas and salty crackers.

1KG (5-8ppl) £120
2KG (8-15ppl) £190
3KG (15-22ppl) £350



 ALL £90

  • Smokey Tommy – Mezcal, lime, agave and smoked salt rim.
  • Hibiscus Caipirinha – Cachaça, lime, hibiscus.
  • Mezcal Negroni – Mezcal, Campari, Cocchi di Torino.
  • Margarita – Tequila, lime, Cointreau.
  • Corn N’ Toil – El Rayo tequila, fresh corn, lemon, agave, sweet and sour rim.
  • El Chiquihuite – Pensador Mezcal, fresh corn, lemon, agave.
  • Mezcalita – Mezcal, lime, pineapple, jalapeno syrup.

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